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Dangers of Talibanisation of Pakistan

YES. PAKISTAN is in danger of mammoth proportions. Time is short .
Pakistani army , civil government and the saner people must come together immediately to face the most likely fall out of a Talibanised Afghanistan.

Over three million Afghan refugees are aleady in Pakistan since four decades, and most of them have Pakistani papers and documents. Then there is the second generation of Afghans born and brought up in Pakistan.

Not only have all girls’ schools closed down, there are reports that Taliban is demanding that a list be prepared in every village of girls over 15 years of…

Taliban Tyrants Rush To Destroy Afghanistan.

World Ignores Afghan Misery


Afghanistan has been converted into a Powder Keg by Pakistani Army and the Taliban.

Taliban is an Extension of Pakistani Army.

Bomb blasts, murders, mayhem and barbaric acts against innocents have become the norm.

Future of Afghanistan is unpredictable, and the entire International Community is nervous and anxious of the outcome. India is faced with difficult choices.

Difficult to govern in the best of times, the situation in Afghanistan is worsening day by day, with too many vested interests intruding into an already volatile zone.

Afghanistan 2021

Americans have been promised by President Biden that the remaining 2500 odd services personnel will be brought home by 11 September 2021.[1] Post USA withdrawing its remnant security details from Afghanistan there will be a major power vacuum in this most unstable area of the world.

“Afghan officials have sought to downplay the impact of the U.S. military withdrawal on their own forces’ capabilities, but some official U.S. assessments indicate that the withdrawal could lead to Taliban gains on the battlefield. …

China Iran ‘Jugal bandhi’ will mean major rebalancing in the Middle East and portends challenging times for Israel.

A win-win proposition for China and Iran, Dark days for Israel.

China & Iran Win-Win

Both China and Iran will benefit through commerce.

At present China’s interests in Iran appear to be purely commercial, China Will be swapping its surplus dollars and Renminbi for Iranian oil. Iran will be greatly benefited from oil sales and China will also gain, especially in the long term, cushioned to a large extent from the vagaries of market forces, and sea-lane hazards.

” A draft copy…




Terrorists are feted while Innocents are brutalised every day. Terrorist organisations play the victimhood card and are treated with kid gloves by a world afraid to face the truth.

This follows a pattern. Shias, Balochis, Hazaras, Christians , and Hindus are murdered in Afghanistan, Iraq , Yemen , Pakistan , Europe Africa and India by terrorist organisations have none to weep for them. Terrorist organisations play victimhood and are treated with kid gloves by a world afraid to face the truth.

Israeli Government seeking to protect its citizens from Rocket Attacks by Terrorist organisation HAMAS has been abandoned by the world community.

Third Intifada

HAMAS claims that it has initiated the Third Intifada.

Problems had started for the Israelis with the commencement of Ramadan on 13 of April. On…

President Nixon & Henry Kissinger : BBC

Henry Kissinger as Secretary of State in USA was personally responsible along with the then president Richard Nixon encouraging the Pakistani President Yahya Khan and General Tikka Khan of the Pakistani army, to plan and slaughter mercilessly unarmed men women and Children of Bangladesh.

Actions need to be initiated immediately to avoid any catastrophe that will surely befall entire humanity through use by extremist jihadi elements, of nuclear device, even a Tactical one.

Pakistani army owns Pakistan. Pakistani army has committed aggression openly against India many times, attempted genocide of Bengalis in East Pakistan, killed more than ten thousand Palestinians over the last six decades. Just last week, Pakistani army launched a full division with attack helicopters to massacre the Tajiks and Hazaras who were putting up resistance against terrorist Taliban in the Panjisher valley.

Pakistan is home to many extremist terrorist organizations. Many…

AFGHANISTAN: Medieval Days Back Again

Pakistani Army and Taliban have formed a ‘Government’ yesterday in Afghanistan. Of course it is NOT Inclusive, or balanced.

The present Afghan ‘Government’ has more than ten declared terrorists on its roll including the Prime Minister and Home Minister.

Haibatullah Achundsada

Haibatullah Achundsada, Mullah Akund, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar,

USA & NATO forces managed to keep Taliban terrorists confined to Pakistan from taking over Afghanistan for 20 years. This ensured a modicum of peace in Afghanistan, and life was limping back to normal. Schools for girls had reopened, allowing the girl children to be educated. Women were allowed to move around and carry out their daily routine rounds of markets and shops without being harassed by Taliban ‘moral police’.

Whipping of women and slitting of throats for imaginary errors against medieval codes of behaviour had been banished.

August 2021

US and NATO forces have vacated Afghanistan. People of Afghanistan…

It has taken a full week for Biden Administration in USA to come out of its, slumber. It is a strange way to treat a ‘Strategic Partner’.

The comatose state of USA under President Joe Biden in its inability to even extend a message of sympathy to India in its hour of acute need due the Second Covid wave was most disappointing to say the least and has raised questions on the very basis of Indo US relationship.

The deliberate withholding of crucial components for vaccines manufacture, by President Biden, despite appeals by Indian industry had already affected Indian abilities…


Colonel, Indian Army, retd. Graduation in Mathematics and PG in Political Science, PG Diploma in Management

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